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Info: Hey guys! My name is Gabriella Walrath.
I love very cute animals, and I like going on walks and hikes and taking pictures. I also really like memes lol.
Also I love doing the strikethrough effect for expressing my emotions. Like oh this is awful great! It's like the best way to be express my internal monologue hahaha.
Here are some cute animals I've seen - there are also animals that are not just cats, dogs, and birds.

Recent Trip - 9/20/2020 - Rockefeller State Park I went to Rockefeller State Park about 20 min from where I live. It was really nice and I saw some goats :)

This was one of the trails I was walking on in the park. There were about 40-50 different trails, but there were super short, about a mile or less.

Guard Doge
This little goat herding dog was sleeping in this field and woke up when I passed!!! He/She was there to protect the goats.

all the goats
All the goats were casually sitting and grazing.
Goat Closeup 2 Goat!!
Also I saw some wild turkeys. yes. turkeys. it was actually a mom and her babies! But the babies were close to being full grown. They were kind of more miniature versions of their mom.

also if you guys would like to check out my portfolio website, here it is!

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